Placemats - Lush Life

Placemats - Lush Life

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Set of 4 Placemats

Our beautifully handmade placemats are heat resistant, wipeable, and hardwearing making them perfect for everyday living.

Our placemats are exclusively designed in-house to complement our tablecloths, but also look amazing on their own.

They are custom printed and handcrafted in England. Each placemat is manufactured from a Eucalyptus base, with a matte finish— non-toxic—melamine top surface, making them kid and food safe. Every placemat is also backed with a cork, making them non-slip.

- 15" x 11 1/2 x 3/16" dimensions

- Heat resistant to 280F

- Matte finish

- Handmade in England, UK

- 100% PEFC certified

- 100% Formaldehyde free

- Kid and food safe

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